About Us

Leaving high school is a major milestone for every student. Decisions made and choices taken can have a lifelong impact, so it’s important to have as much information as possible when we are sorting out our next move into the world beyond school. 

Schoolleaver.nz aims to provide high school students and their parents as much of this information as we can. We are an aggregator or directory site, the core of which is information for students on tertiary study and training options, along with direct links to institution course pages. 

This core offering is backed with a range of useful and relevant information for students planning their pathway after high school. Student finances (loans, scholarships, banking/insurance), institution profiles, entry requirements, accommodation options, health/safety advice, gap years and even help in choosing directions are all covered on schoolleaver.nz.  

Our news feed will keep students informed of the changes taking place in the world of work and study, helping them with their decisions. 

Schoolleaver.nz is operated by School Leaver Media Limited and draws on experience in the New Zealand tertiary and publishing sectors. We are based in South Auckland however our information and links are useful and relevant to every high school student in the country.