About You

Helping you get ready for the changes and challenges ahead

The next stage of your life after high school will involve new people, new environments and new ways of thinking and behaving. The centre of it all is you.  

Leaving high school is a major milestone in your life. For the first 15, 16, 17 or more years of your life things have moved along in a pretty organised way. Family, friends, teachers, coaches and many others have all helped shape and prepare you for this next stage where you start further study or look to get straight into work.

Once you leave school, things change.

The cushion that living at home provides gets thinner or disappears altogether. You need to be onto things and to take a whole lot more responsibility for yourself. Eating, staying healthy, keeping yourself safe, keeping your posessions yours, and keeping your head straight while so much around you is changing. These are your jobs now. They come with getting older and are an incredibly important part of this next part of your life.

This section has a number of pieces of advice to help you gear up and cope with the changes ahead.  

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