You and your sport and recreation

Once you’ve left school it can be easy to drop your sports and hobbies and just forget about them. But there’s no need for that, and lots of good reasons not to.


Going studying?

Check out your students’ association’s list of clubs and classes. These cover all sorts of areas, from yoga to African Drumming to crochet. It’s a great way to meet people you can be sure you’ll have something in common with, as well as breaking up your studying routine. Plus, you may never get the chance to do some of these again. Scroll down for a list.

  • If you aren’t studying there’s still plenty of options. No matter where in the country you are there will be a local sports club nearby which can be a great way to have fun, meet new friends and stay in shape.

Stay with what you love, or love something new

You can stay with the sports or activities you love at school now, or start something completely new. There are literally dozens of sports and physical recreations open to you, from abseiling and adventure sport to waka ama and wrestling. While you have the opportunity, give it a go.

  • Playing sport when you have left school can be as competitive as it is at school, or can be completely social with way less emphasis on the scoreboard. Plus, you don’t have to be the best at a sport to get all the fun and other benefits out of it.
  • Remember, after you’ve left school the opportunity to get involved with these activities doesn’t come automatically. You need to do the leg-work yourself, but it can be hugely worthwhile in terms of your health, growing your circle of friends and acquaintances and just having fun.

  • Regional sports organisations that can help you

  • University and polytechnic clubs and sports you can be part of

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  • Find a sport you love through Sport NZ


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