Massey University

Massey’s campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington all have a variety of on-campus accommodation options, including Halls of Residence, Apartments, Studio Units and Homestays.


Massey Albany

Three Halls of Residence are available, each accommodating 70 residents over three floors. Full or part-catered options are offered and these are available to school leavers and new students aged between 17 and 21 years. This environment provides a great balance between study and social life, and is a good starting point for those moving away from home for the first time.

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Massey Manawatu

Massey Manawatu offers a wide range of on-campus Halls and Units, catering for over 900 students of diverse ages, programmes of study, and cultural backgrounds. The Halls are priced to meet a range of budgets, with prices factored on the meal plan, the size of the room, and the age of the Hall.

Atawhai Single Units

Atawhai is a peaceful residential area, with a supportive village-like atmosphere. There are thirteen five-bedroom units, prioritised for generally mature students new to study at Massey.

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Bindaloe Hall

Bindaloe Hall, located on Monro Hill, is a female only hall that caters for both domestic and international students aged 18 to 21 years. With 12 bedrooms and one main common room and kitchen, Bindaloe has been described as more like a flat than a hostel. A large deck surrounds half of the hall and provides a great place to relax, socialise, and study.

Craiglockhart Hall

Craiglockhart Hall, originally a homestead for the Monro family in the early 1900s, is one of the oldest halls on campus. Craiglockhart is a female only hall that caters for both domestic and international students aged 18 to 21 years. This Hall has 11 bedrooms, all of different shapes due to the nature of the building, and a very generous common room.  

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Walter Dyer Hall

Walter Dyer is Massey Manawatu’s largest Hall with 95 single bedrooms. It is close to the main campus and friendly, with a number of gathering places to socialise.

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The Courts

The Courts is a group of Halls of Residence known for their centralised courtyards which are situated above the valley that is home to the university’s arboretum, and alongside the sports fields and Recreation Centre.

City and Egmont Courts are fully catered Halls, set up in 6-person units (called pods) within a larger Hall structure. Each court has 90 single bedrooms.

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Rotary and Kairanga Courts 

Self-catered Halls set up in 16 4-person pods (60 single bedrooms), each with their own kitchenette.

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Turitea Community Group

The Turitea Halls are right in the heart of the campus, adjacent to many of our academic buildings - great for a last minute dash to lectures! It is also home to a wide variety of Halls, including Massey’s newest Halls.

Matai, Miro, Tawa, and Totara Halls

Matai, Miro, Tawa, and Totara are the newest halls on the Manawatu campus, and with spacious bedrooms and common room, they provide a great environment for both studying and socialising. These modern halls are located on Rehab Road and cater for both domestic and international students aged 18 to 21 years. Each hall is fully catered and has 50 single bedrooms.

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Colombo Hall

Colombo Hall, located on Colombo Road, is one of three alcohol free halls on the Manawatu campus, and caters for both domestic and international students aged 18 to 21 years. The Hall has 66 single bedrooms and is fully catered.

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McHardy Hall

McHardy is the oldest hall on campus, and has plenty of old school charm and character. Located beside the Oval at the end of Refectory Road, McHardy Hall has large spacious bedrooms, and in combination with the alcohol free policy, provides a great study environment. This fully catered hall has 46 single rooms domestic and international students between the ages of 18 and 21 years. 

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Some great information about where to live at Massey Manawatu and the rules that come with Hall living is available in this Accommodation Handbook

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Massey Wellington 

Massey's Creative Campus

The Cube Hall

The Cube is situated on the corner of Taranaki and Webb Streets and is just two hundred metres from the most creative campus in New Zealand. The Hall consists of 86 self-catered shared apartments with a choice of five-bedroom, three-bedroom or studio units. Massey University manages the majority of these apartments, providing accommodation to first year and international Massey University students.

As The Cube is a relatively new building it complies with the current Wellington earthquake standards code 100%.

Here are all the details about and costs for The Cube Hall

Partnership with 222Willis, WelTec Residential Hall

In order to meet the high demand for a place in a student hall, Massey selected as a preferred accommodation provider for student accommodation in Wellington. 222Willis is a new accommodation complex opened in 2014. It is owned by WelTec Student Accommodation and is designed for students from all higher education providers with on-site supervision in place. It is situated at 222 Willis St and is a 15-minute walk away from the Massey Wellington campus.

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