Victoria University of Wellington

Boulcott Hall

Boulcott Hall is a high-rise building housing 180 residents in fully furnished and heated single bedrooms. All floors have a common room with a kitchenette, study area, television and couches. Boulcott Hall is a 10-minute walk to Kelburn Campus, 10-minute walk to Pipitea Campus and a 15-minute walk to Te Aro Campus.

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Everton Hall

189 fully furnished single study bedrooms in fully furnished five-bedroom flats in apartment-style buildings plus six flats of varying sizes in houses within the grounds. All original flats have undergone major internal refurbishments over the last two summers. Everton Hall is a 5-minute walk to Kelburn Campus and 20 minutes to Pipitea Campus. Everton Hall offers an ideal environment for mature first-year and returning students. Groups of two to five people or individual applications are welcome. The Hall also offers an ideal transition between first-year halls and private flatting. Single trimester residence may be available for those starting or finishing studies mid-year.

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Helen Lowry Hall

Helen Lowry Hall is made up of purpose-built buildings and domestic houses set in extensive grounds and gardens. Each area has its own laundry, kitchenette and bathroom facilities. All bedrooms are fully furnished. Bedrooms in separate houses are available for returning second- and third-year students who wish to self-cater. Situated 4km from Kelburn Campus, the hall runs a free shuttle service throughout the day.

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Joan Stevens Hall

A high-rise building housing 242 residents with mostly single bedrooms, all fully furnished and heated with internet access. There are a small number of en-suite bedrooms for those with a particular need. All 11 floors have a large common room with a kitchenette, study area, television, DVD player and couches at the centre of each floor.

Joan Stevens’ central location means it is a 10-minute walk to Kelburn Campus, 5-minute walk to Pipitea Campus and a 15-minute walk to Te Aro Campus.

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Katharine Jermyn Hall

Katharine Jermyn Hall is a fully-catered Hall of Residence designed to support the needs of first-year students. The Hall is a high-rise building with 390 furnished single rooms, all fully furnished and heated. Wireless internet access is available throughout the Hall.

All 14 floors include a large communal lounge, kitchenette, and study room. The Hall also includes a large TV and games lounge, music practice room, fully-equipped gym, and two cinema lounges.

Katharine Jermyn Hall is in the heart of the city; within a 10-minute walk of Victoria’s Kelburn and Pipitea campuses, and within a 15-minute walk of Te Aro campus.

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Te Puni Village

This four-year old, multi-level complex consists of three buildings (The Edge, The Tower and The Terrace) separated by glass walkways. All rooms at Te Puni Village are fully catered and there are stunning views of the Wellington Harbour from the communal areas.

Te Puni Village has 348 single bedrooms in The Edge and The Tower, and 33 single studios and 17 residents in the apartments in The Terrace. All rooms are fully furnished and heated with shared facilities. Te Puni Village is on Kelburn Campus and is a 10-minute walk to the city.

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Victoria House

Multi-storey buildings housing 185 residents in 127 fully furnished single rooms and 29 twin-share rooms. Outdoor grassed courtyard with surrounding gardens. Victoria House is a 5-minute walk to Kelburn Campus and 5 minutes into the city.

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Weir House

Weir House is made up of three buildings, divided into four wings - William Weir, James Hutchinson, Andrea Brander and Te Whanau. Each wing contains a mixture of residential and common areas. Weir House accommodates 211 residents in fully furnished single rooms, 50 residents in set rooms, and 50 residents in twin-share rooms.

Weir House is a 5-minute walk to Kelburn Campus and a 10-minute walk to the city.

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Willis St. Halls - Cumberland

Enjoy central city living and magnificent views with a friendly student community of 227 residents. A short stroll to Te Aro Campus makes Cumberland a natural choice for design and architecture students. There are 123 single rooms; 24 single studios and 80 places in twin-share studios available, and all rooms are fully furnished.

Cumberland is less than a 5-minute walk to Te Aro Campus, 15 minutes to Kelburn Campus and 25 minutes to Pipitea Campus.

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Map of the locations of Victoria University halls of residence