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Key reasons to advertise online with Schoolleaver Media:

Audience is New Zealand's most comprehensive independent website for New Zealand's 165,000 senior secondary students and their parents and caregivers.

Coverage at all levels provides coverage on a regional and national level. Driven by our key content categories, advertisers are able to reach New Zealanders in both broad and narrow channels. Our social amplification allows your messages to reach the audience you want in the numbers and locations that work for you.

Finding your niche allows advertisers to target specific school leaver audiences in multiple ways - through content categories, banner advertising and by using keywords to align advertising with specific editorial content.

Optimisation and flexibility provides monitoring of the effectiveness of an advertiser's campaign, enabling optimal ad formatting and sectional placement based on responsiveness. Advertising with also allows a fast change-out of material to refresh messages and maximise results over a campaign period.

Here to help

We're here to help - We tailor specific advertising plans to meet your goals - whether its driving traffic to your website, a direct response solution, or increasing brand awareness - we can do it all.

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