Māori Language / Te Reo Māori

Māori Language / Te Reo Māori is about learning to read, write and speak Te Reo Māori, learning Māori culture and Tikanga Māori.

Courses are available at the following institutions:

University of Auckland

Bachelor of Arts- Māori Studies

Education - Foundation Maori  

University of Canterbury

Certificate in Arts - Te Reo Māori

Te Pourua: Diploma in Māori and Indigenous Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Māori and Indigenous Studies  

Victoria University of Wellington

Tohu Māoritanga | Diploma in Māoritanga

Bachelor of Arts- Māori Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Modern Language Studies - Māori  

Modern Language Studies

University of Waikato

Bachelor of Arts - Te Reo Māori

Bachelor of Arts - Māori Media and Communication

Bachelor of Arts - Tikanga Māori  

Massey University

Bachelor of Arts - Māori Studies  

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Akona Te Reo - Certificate in Maori Language

Bachelor of Maori Language & Indigenous Studies

Certificate in Maori Foundation Studies - Te Haeata  

Eastern Institue of Technology

Certificate in Maori Studies (Level 2)

Certificate in Maori Studies (Level 4)

Bachelor of Arts (Maori)  


Certificate in Foundation Studies Te Reo  

NMIT (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Te Haeata (Certificate in Māori Foundation Studies)

Certificate in Te Tuara Me Te Tinana O Te Reo  

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo (Reo Rua) (Level 2)

New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo (Reo Rua) (Level 3)

New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo (Rumaki, Reo Rua) (Level 4)

Te Reo Māori - Te Kakano

Whitireia New Zealand

Te Hiringa O Te Reo

Certificate in Te Reo Maori

National Diploma in Te Reo Maori

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