Earn and Learn


Learning while you’re earning – it’s a smart way to start a career


Getting near the end of your school years means you are going to have to make a pretty big call – further study or start looking to earn some money now.

Going off to study at a university or polytechnic will mean you won’t have a lot of money for some time yet, but studies show that a uni degree – if it is the right one -  can potentially increase your lifetime earnings by as much as $1 million.

But if you are over the books and don’t want to face a student loan, it might well be time to look for a job. And you won’t be on your own – over the next 3 years university enrolments could be up to 10,000 students less than last year so there are plenty of your peers doing the same sort of thinking.

Looking for a job?

Check out the sections we have on schoolleaver.nz  on where to possibly start looking for a job, what resources are available to help you, what skills and interests you might have, how to prepare your CV and cover letters, and much more.

Training on the job

You might start at the bottom in a workplace, but with some formal training (either through work or at a polytechnic or other training place) you can improve your skills and your ‘employability’. This training could be for a Certificate or a Diploma in a specific subject, or could be special courses for a specific industry.


An apprenticeship is basically formalised on the job training which can lead to a great career. These are organised so they blend work on the tools with work on the books, and you receive a recognised qualification when completed successfully.  

Earning while you are learning. It has a neat ring to it and it’s a smart way to start your working career.  

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