Industry Training Organisations

If you leave school and start work with plans to train on the job or start an apprenticeship, you will be dealing with what are called Industry Training Organisations (ITOs). There are 11 of these in New Zealand, and each organises and evaluates training for a number of different but linked industries. 

ITOs help to define what skills are needed in each industry, and to organise programmes with polytechnics and other training groups to deliver these skills. It’s important that a lot of training is done on the job, so ITOs provide courses designed to be flexible and allow you to work and learn at the same time. 

These ITOs usually need you to have a job before they can put you into a training programme, just like you will need an employer willing to take you on as an apprentice before they will start you in one. In some cases they try to match willing young workers with willing employers. Check their websites out or call them to see if they have such a programme and you will receive plenty of advice.   

The qualifications ITOs offer are nationally recognised (and internationally in most cases) advanced trade qualifications at levels four and above. Following on from initial training and apprenticeships, some ITOs offer advanced qualifications for more experienced workers who want to move into senior roles. Funding for ITOs comes from the industries they represent and from the government. 

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