Your Money

Money gets more important once you leave school

As you gear up for a life after high school, it soon becomes clear just how big a part money plays in this next stage of your life.

You are going to be working for it, using it to pay for your studies (so you can work for it), using it to have somewhere to live and to eat regularly, funding your gap year with it or buying a car. It can seem like it’s all about money.

If you are planning to study, it is likely you will need to get a student loan to help pay for your course fees.  Studying a degree like a Bachelor of Science or of Arts will probably cost $6-7,000 each year in course fees alone, way more than you will be able to earn during the holidays.

For potential students, living costs is another huge consideration. The cost of a year in a hostel, costs for books and other study materials, the price of your entertainment and fun – it all adds up. A student allowance might be useful here and the beauty of these is that they don’t need to be paid back like the student loans do.

If you are heading straight to work or to start an apprenticeship and are earning money, great. Be aware though that you are going to need to pay tax on what you earn, and if you are earning, join Kiwisaver. It’s a smart move.   

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