Construction career quiz- can you dig it?

Wondering if a career in the booming construction industry might be for you? Maybe this easy and fun quiz can help you decide.

Construction is going off in New Zealand. We need to build houses in a big way, plus plenty of our buildings need a revamp or major changes to meet new and needed earthquake strengthening.

There literally are more jobs in construction here in NZ now than there are guys and girls lining up to do them. We can keep on bringing in workers from overseas to do this, but this also means there are less opportunities for you to get into this whole area.

And these jobs need a huge range of real skills, not muscles. One UK organisation wanting to attract potential workers into construction has created a nifty personality quiz to help steer new entrants to the part of the sector they may be best suited in.

Give it a spin. You may be surprised.

GoConstruct: What's the construction career for me?