Getting a Summer Job

Summer will be here before you know it, and the term 3 holidays is a great time to start planning for a summer job.

If you are planning to study next year, a summer job could be really important in getting you off to a top start.


Here’s a few tips to get you started.


  1. Prepare your C.V. You may have helped out in your family business, had a paper route, or worked in the school holidays - it's all relevant for your C.V. So is the stuff you do at school. Captained a team? That makes you a leader. Helped in the library? Makes you a volunteer. A potential employer wants to know what you have done and that you are keen and willing to work.


  1. Walk the talk. Pick out a few places that you would like to work or you think will have work available and visit them with a copy of your C.V. Be friendly and confident, shake their hands, look them in the eye……it will get you a long way.


  1. Utilise your network. Letting your friends and family know you are looking for work is a great way to spread the word. Often someone will know someone looking for holiday staff.


  1. Make sure you look presentable for the job. For example, an employer in a retail store is looking for a well groomed, confident, friendly person, not someone with unbrushed hair, shades and a hoodie on.


  1. Be on time. If you get an interview make sure you are there 5 minutes early. If you get hired, do the same thing – get there early, every day.


  1. And lastly, be prepared to work! Many summer jobs require extra staff during the busy Christmas period while other full time staff are on leave. Be prepared to work weekends and through the seasonal holiday period. Not many jobs will give a casual student time off to go to R&V.


Here’s some more important info you need to know when you land your job.