BA graduates are set to conquer the robots

We know the robots are coming, and that they’re after our jobs. Will BA graduates save us?

They reckon that in the next 10-15 years, AI (artificial intelligence = robots) will take over more and more jobs all over the world. Anything that looks repetitive or is based on lots of data from the past is likely to be a machine’s job by the time you are 30.

So who is safe from the advance of the robots?

 Seems it could be Arts graduates according to a recent article in Newsroom.

 Arts graduates have the broad based skills to survive, the ability to think critically, to understand the human condition, to create beauty, to communicate with languages and to understand the lessons of history.

 Arts graduates, according to Associate Professor Stuart Brock from Victoria. University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, will be best placed to take advantage of this changing environment.

 Read the essay and the reasons why BA grads are set to rule.