Will I get a job if I study that? See what recent grads are doing

Which New Zealand university’s courses and degrees give you the biggest chance of getting a job? The answer might surprise you.

Ministry of Education statistics show Bachelor degree graduates from Lincoln University consistently have the highest rates of employment among the 8 New Zealand universities.

A survey of 2016 graduates from Lincoln found that 93 percent of those employed were in career-related positions.

Lincoln leads graduate employment figures

Here’s the Report

Lincoln’s courses are very often practical and applied ones. For example, directly trying to solve problems in agriculture and food production sectors. This means graduates are ready to move directly into the workforce, opening job opportunities quickly.

Base your choices on all the info you can track

From next year, school leavers will be able to claim a free year of tertiary education or training. This will rise in the next few years to two years, then three. So getting into, or underway with, a course looks a real option for many now.

Free (fees) or not, it’s still really important that any course of study or training you take is right for you, and that it will help you get what you want – a job, more study or whatever.

Use these clever tools linked to below to explore all sorts of things about lots of courses. Stuff like how many others are doing the courses you are thinking about? How many of them pass? Do they get jobs after graduating?

Careers New Zealand has a great tool to help you compare study outcomes

Check out the Careers NZ Job Database and see what you need to get into it

This factsheet shows how much young graduates in NZ earn in the first ten years after they complete their studies

This factsheet shows what young graduates in NZ do in the first ten years after they complete their studies.

This report from a few years back shows what recent young graduates have done after study.