Changemakers get to tailor their own degree

Are you a changemaker? Here’s a new degree you design yourself to make you a change leader for tomorrow.


Otago Polytechnic is launching a Bachelor of Leadership for Change — a New Zealand-first degree which caters for all people, no matter what field they want to make a difference in.

The only requirement is that you must be driven by a desire to create positive change for an industry, community, or the planet.

The degree launches in March 2018 and will take three years to complete, with students given the flexibility to progress at their own pace.

The purpose of this programme is to meet the needs of learners, communities, enterprises and other groups in professions in or facing an unknown future. This is a future where professions are not yet established but are emerging as hybrids of current professions or as new professions emerging from innovation. 

Transferable skills will set you up

The degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work in as yet undefined professions. In addition, you will gain the transferable skills to adapt and creat an impact in a constantly-changing context. 

Career outcomes might include Community Facilitator, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Community Support Worker, Alternative Retailer, Missionary, Service Designer, Environmental Advocate, NGO organiser, Council Activities Coordinator, Green Business Development Advisor, Events Organiser, Analyst (within not-for-profit sector) or Mentor. 

Alternatively, you can design your own career and come up with your own job title!  

From the first year, students will be required to work alongside, and within, businesses or organisations in the field in which they wish to effect change.

New Zealand’s budding social entrepreneurs and changemakers will certainly be interested in learning more about what the team at Otago Polytechnic are calling the most innovative degree this country has ever seen.

 Check out our course finder to see what areas you may be able to incorporate into a change degree