NCEA results are out. Where to now?

You go online, nervously enter your NSN number and password and soon enough there they are………

Finding your NCEA results has become an NZ ritual, generally performed in the privacy of your room and then announced joyously – or despondently – to family and friends. Your previous year summed in two online minutes, two minutes that can also change completely what you had planned for 2018.

For some students their NCEA results will be a surprise (and for some a shock), however most students have a feeling about how they went. The results are often confirmation of what their gut told them would be the result.

Remember not many people are great with exams. That’s why NCEA tries to look at how you work and understand stuff across the year rather than just for a few hours in November.

So how did you go, and where do you go from here?

Got it, and did better than I expected

Result - great work. Celebrate this success and feel good about yourself. You deserve it.

Maybe this gives you the chance to lift your sights higher. You know you can learn, understand and show your smarts in an exam setting, so why not revise your possible tertiary study options up a level. SchoolLeaver has all the options laid out for you.

Importantly, keep the momentum up in 2018. You are underway with NCEA and another good result this year really will make things clearer and easier when you leave school.

Er, missed out so not sure what’s next

Firstly be as sad as you feel, shed a tear maybe then tell yourself it’s time to move on.

Start with your results from 2017.

  • Are some close enough for you to think a review (checking that all marks have been counted, not remarking your paper) or reconsideration (remarking, with a fee payable) could help your results or help you to your goal? Check these options here.
  • Be honest – did you do enough study and prep to get through? Did you manage your study time or waste it? You can change this and if you get another shot, grab it.

Looking at 2018, are some subjects just not your go? Think about which ones might be, and talk to your parents about these. When school starts again, make a bee-line for your year dean or careers adviser and ask for their help and advice.

Advice, support and options are there for you

Your school career is far more than a group of exams at year’s end. It’s about learning how to learn, how to think, how to be a friend, and figuring out what paths your life may take.

Your high school has tons of resources and information plus some great people who can help you identify these paths and guide you towards them. Use these people. Let them help you find what you are good at, help you grab and use all the positives you can from your 2017 NCEA results.

Because exam results don’t define you, you do.


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