Exchange student walks 1470km to start at Lincoln

You know someone really really wants to go to university when they are happy to walk almost 1500km to get there.

US exchange student Connor Flechsig will be studying Natural Resource Management and Water Sciences at Lincoln in the first semester this year. He just chose a really unusual way to get there.

Connor arrived in Auckland on December 29 and started walking. His route along the length-of-the-country Te Araroa Trail is expected to take 52 days, getting him to Lincoln for the start of the first semester on February 19.

The 1470km trip is not just walking however, with the Colorado State University student and keen tramper kayaking 161km of the Whanganui River over five days, and then cycling 113km to Palmerston North.

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Where's Connor? Find him with SPOT

Back home in California, Connor’s parents are able to track their son’s journey on a Google Earth Pro map. He sends a satellite ping daily that they can pick up and verify his location.

Connor will attend Lincoln University as part of the LincOE exchange programme. Colorado State University is one of several international Lincoln student exchange partners, and none of them actually make you walk there.

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