Agony aunt straightens parents out – love it!

When the parents of an 18-year-old girl contacted Stuff’s parenting expert and ‘agony aunt’ about their daughter changing paths, they probably didn’t expect the response they got.

Their daughter had decided not to continue at university after one year and to train as a car mechanic instead. They worried she was making the wrong call.

Instead they were told how good her prospects may be, and were encouraged to look at the many positives that could come from her choice.

Read the letter and the great response here

 It’s always best to talk the whole lot through

Hey, talking choices out with your parents or someone you respect is always a smart thing to do. We want their support and encouragement , but on the other hand, if it don’t fit, don’t force it.

Heaps of high school students are fronting up to the choice of carrying on to study or to look for alternative paths. Both choices are good ones, just as long as it works for you.

Change is coming to your career

The latest research from Australia says school leavers will have something like 17 jobs across 5 industries through their working life. Not all of these will be good, rewarding or fun, but many likely will. Be prepared to change and adapt because there are not going to be many ‘jobs for life’ in our AI-driven future.


Study or work – the choice is down to you

Follow your head or follow your heart? Which way to go?

Maybe an automotive career is actually right for you. Start here