Big money and good life available in booming IT industry

Pay is up. Jobs are up. Now could be a great time to think of a role in New Zealand’s growing IT industry.

More than 100,000 people work in the tech industry in New Zealand, with over 30,000 in the computer design field. Numbers are increasing every year. So is the money these tech workers are earning.

In a report published recently by Absolute IT, a specialist IT recruitment company, the national IT median base salary is now $90,000. When Absolute IT published a similar report in June last year, this figure was $82,000 so it has jumped 10% in just over 6 months.

One third of IT industry are contract workers, and the report shows the national median contracting rate is $95/hour, up 5% from the $90/hour recorded in June 2017.

Read the Absolute IT Job Seeker Report (Feb ’18)

Who’s in demand?

The report shows that the rise in the median base salary is driven by increases for workers in the following categories – Software Architects, Developers (Software/Front-end/Back-end/Full stack developers), Consultants and Network Engineers.

According to MBIE, job vacancies in computer system design firms are harder to fill than in any other sector in the economy. Last year, of all bachelors students enrolled in New Zealand, just 8% are studying information technology as their main subject.

Women make up just 22% of the IT workforce and as students you will already know about the many programmes starting or in place to attract female students to IT.

Where’s it happening?

Auckland is the big dog in IT employment with 44% of the 2900 IT workers surveyed from our largest city. Auckland has attracted new high-tech digital businesses that range from robotics to space technology companies. This is creating a high demand for digital skills in the region.

Wellington is home to 37% of those surveyed, and in fact this region has the highest median base salary rate at $97,000.

The Waikato/Bay of Plenty region has 7% of survey respondents, the same percentage as Christchurch, however booming industries such as agritech will continue to produce more IT jobs in the Waikato region.

It’s not just the money

IT jobseekers are often looking for a different work/life balance. On top of the great pay, more than 80% of those surveyed enjoy flexible working hours or working from home. Mobile phone/mobile allowance and healthcare round out the top three benefits that IT professionals receive in NZ.

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