Creative Wellington's school for jobs that haven’t been invented yet

Wellington’s reputation as New Zealand’s creative capital was further boosted in late February with the opening of Te Auaha, the New Zealand Institute of Creativity.

Te Auaha is a modern tertiary learning environment with outstanding facilities for theatre, performance, music, broadcasting and art. Creative technologies and applied arts programmes ranging from certificates through to Master’s level will certainly attract creative students from around New Zealand and overseas.

The new school, catering for up to 1000 students, combines the WelTec and Whitireia schools of television and film production, hair and makeup artistry, digital art, digital media, writing, publishing, dance, circus and acting.

Graduating creative workers with the skills for tomorrow

Te Auaha will produce a new generation of entrepreneurs, job creators and skilled workers for New Zealand’s creative industries including film, broadcasting, gaming, publishing and the performing arts. New Zealand’s creative industries employ over 40,000 people.

The core skills Te Auaha will teach - creative problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, commercial and cultural awareness, and collaboration - will be in high demand in all areas of the future economy.

The new facility will equip graduates with the skills to face challenges in jobs that even haven’t been invented yet.

What’s being taught at Te Auaha

The school will teach students how to run a creative career, including entrepeneur and marketing skills, as well as how to get their work seen in galleries.

Creative disciplines being taught include digital media, music, performing arts (dance, circus, acting), toi poutama (weaving and carving), film production, visual arts, jewellery making, make-up, hairdressing, journalism, publishing, and writing.

The facility features modern creative and performance spaces, digital recording studios, two in-house radio stations, an art gallery, film and photography studios, large and small theatres, a cinema, a beauty spa, kilns, jewellery workshops, a 3D printing area, screen printing, stone carving and various art studios.

Bachelor of Creativity – a world first

The flagship undergraduate programme on offer is the world-first Bachelor of Creativity which can be studied in a number of fields from Digital Design to Performing Arts to Music. Hey, you can even study for a certificate in DJ music if that’s your go.

From journalism to dance and just about every creative subject between, your creative journey will start well at the New Zealand Institute of Creativity.

Check out the Programmes on offer for you at Te Auaha, the New Zealand Institute of Creativity