Top Scholarship winners from 2017 are recognised

Each year NZ’s top students are recognised through their success in New Zealand Scholarship examinations.

At the end of last year just over 9,800 students sat scholarship exams across 35 subjects, with 2413 students being awarded one or more scholarships. These don’t come easy – around 3% of Y13 students studying each subject at Level 3 are awarded Scholarship, if they reach the required standard.

Premier Award winners are our elite scholars

Top of the list of smartest students each year are the few – usually 5-10 – students who receive a New Zealand Scholarship Premier Award. To get one of these, students need to score at least three Scholarships at “Outstanding” level in the same year.

Last year 10 scholars were recognised as Premier Award winners through the country, with one student, Andrew Tang from Wellington’s Scots College, being awarded 6 Outstanding Scholarships (Accounting, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Physical Education and Physics). Just to back these up, Andrew also attained scholarships in Agricultural and Horticultural Science, Biology, Calculus, English, Media Studies and Statistics.

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Premier Award winning students receive $10,000 each year for up to 3 years of tertiary study

The best in each Scholarship subject win too

The best students in each of the 35 Scholarship subjects receive awards of $2,000 each year for up to three years for as long as the recipient maintains at least a ‘B’ grade average each year of their tertiary study.

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Westlake BHS has the most Outstanding Scholars

In 2017 there were 49 students recognised as New Zealand Scholarship Outstanding Scholar Award winners, these students needing to achieve 3 Scholarships including at least two at “Outstanding” level in the same year, or more than three Scholarships including at least one at “Outstanding” level in the same year.

Westlake Boys High School once again was the most represented school with 5 of the 49 among the Outstanding Scholar Award winners. Senior class teachers at WBHS take a bow.Winners of these Outstanding Scholar awards can receive $5,000 each year for up to 3 years of tertiary study.

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