Scholarships worth millions to help grow New Zealand

Did you know that right now there is more than $3 million worth of scholarships waiting to be handed out to young people wanting to be part of NZ’s strongest industry. Go get ‘em!


Our country’s past and future are linked by one thing – our land and our ability to use this land to grow food. We’re good at it, and selling what we grow and produce is the largest source of income New Zealand has.

The Ministry for Primary Industries estimates that by 2025 – just 7 years away – we will need 92,600 more workers with qualifications in our Primary industries. They won’t all be milking cows or shearing sheep though.

Heaps of roles in this growing sector

We need geneticists, robotics engineers, farm managers, entrepreneurs, foresters, vineyard operators, drone pilots, plant and animal scientists, fish hunters, marketers…..there are roles in the primary industries for just about everyone.

But we have a problem. With less than 6% of school leavers each year taking any form of primary industry related studies, we are a long way short of the more than 90,000 new qualified workers needed. [MPI figures: 2014 - 58,195 school leavers; just 3,285 taking primary industry related studies].

The industry knows it needs to entice high school students into the growing range of primary related study opportunities. That’s where the $3 million of scholarships (every year) comes in.

Students wanting to use their talents to help New Zealand grow, can now search an extensive online database of scholarships to help fund their future study or training.

The database of scholarships can be found on the GrowingNZ website at 

Search functionality helps you narrow down the scholarships of most interest or relevance to you. The range of filters includes region, study or training level, tertiary institution, and subject area. There are also some scholarships exclusively available for Maori, Pacific and Asian students as well as students who already live in rural areas.

More than one year fees-free

While many students will now be eligible for ‘fees-free’ in their first year of study, many scholarships featured by GrowingNZ, offer financial support towards other costs such as books and accommodation, or for fees beyond the first year. Scholarships for apprenticeships and cadetships are also available.

New Zealand’s primary industry future doesn’t just need fresh energy and more numbers; it needs these recruits to be better qualified and with a diverse range of skills. And, it is willing to help pay for these.

Find a Primary Industry course that works for you

A huge range of options are available via the Primary Industry ITO