Replacement found for Stage Challenge

7 May 2018

Stage Challenge has been saved. Well almost. A deal with the team who have put the Smokefree Rockquest on for the last 30 years means thousands of student performers will get their shot at stardom after all.


The future for the iconic Stage Challenge looked bleak at the start of the year when the organisers closed the event which had been running since 1992. Rising costs meant the events, which have had a combined 500,000 participants since they began, were not viable.

The Ministry of Education has now stepped in to save this dance-inspired nationwide event, hooking RockQuest Promotions Ltd in with a one-year grant (of $800,000) while a longer term solution is found.

Smokefreerockquest has a great track-record of delivering successful, large scale performance events for all ages and cultures, and already has strong relationships with schools around NZ.

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Local and national events, coming in term 3

The replacement events are yet to be named, but they will mean students can continue to engage in music, drama and dance in their local communities with local and regional schools. Successful groups will have the opportunity to perform in a national show.

The events would be held in term three, and the new organisers were hoping to get all the information to your schools on the first day of term two. 

Thanks for helping save performing arts around the country Smokefreerockquest.


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