myBCITO targets budding builders

Right now an apprenticeship in the booming construction industry can set you up for a really good life. But also right now, just 2.4% of students move from school directly into an apprenticeship with the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO). They want to change that.

The BCITO recently launched myBCITO, a new digital platform that promotes construction careers and helps school leavers become work-ready by directly engaging with teachers and students.

So what is myBCITO?

It’s an online toolkit designed for technology teachers and careers advisors to help students who are thinking about stepping directly into an apprenticeship in the building and construction industry when they school.

MyBCITO features ideas, information and digital online resources for use in the classroom and projects on the go, and is easily accessed by careers advisors, technology teachers and students.

Already more than 200 technology teachers are using the online tools to share experiences and pass on knowledge according to the BCITO.

A career with a future

The construction industry needs at least 25,000 qualified people in the next five years to meet demand.

The opportunity to earn while you learn and having the first two years of eligible programmes free of fees makes apprenticeship an increasingly attractive choice for school leavers.

So does research from BERL last year that found that the total cumulative income earned by tradespeople at the age of 35 is higher than those with any university qualification, including law, medicine, commerce and engineering. 

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