Scholarships for aspiring spies

If the cloak and dagger world of intelligence and spies has some appeal for you, imagine how good it could be to get your university fees paid the get a job as a spy when you’re done.

That’s the prospect for three female students – yeah, there had to be a catch – with the GCSB Women in STEM Scholarships being offered for a second year by New Zealand’s spy agency.

The Government Communications Bureau (GSCB) wants to recruit more women studying STEM courses.

To support their initiative to recruit greater diversify into the workplace, GCSB will put up three $10,000 scholarships to support women studying science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) at New Zealand tertiary institutions. One of the scholarships will be for a student of Maori or Pacific descent.

The scholarships are intended to encourage more women to study STEM subjects and to inspire them to consider a career in cyber security and technical analysis.

Girls can spy anywhere

Female spies, in addition to being very mysterious, can be tremendously successful. The most famous female spy in France in the Second World War was Wellington-born Nancy Wake , while currently NZ’s top spy in SIS Head Rebecca Kitteridge and Gina Haspel has recently been appointed first female head of America’s CIA. 

You need to be enrolled at a tertiary institution as the scholarships are for two years from after your first year. If you’re even just a little curious (probably a prerequisite), check out the scholarship details here.