The winning mindset behind chasing dreams

We grow up being told to believe in them, follow them, have big ones and never let go of them. Dreams are not just the stuff of fairy tales, they're an important motivational tool that drive us to succeed.


Of course no matter what the dream, there's a usually a big gap between dreaming big and achieving a goal. What's the difference between kids who grow up dreaming of being world-class dancers, but give up along the way, and people like Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson from Christchurch, who received an AMP Scholarship to help him study at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York?

Shift from can’t to can

Increasingly, we're learning it's not just about talent, it's about shifting our mind from can't to can. Decades of scientific research have resulted in understanding the influence our mindset has on achieving our goals.

In a growth mindset, people believe their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, and that challenges are part of the process of achieving a goal.

In a fixed mindset, people believe they're either good at something or they aren't, and give up when they face frustrations along the way.

If there's one thing past recipients of AMP Scholarships have in common, it's the resilience to live their dream and not give up. Whether their passion is performing, representing their country in sport, supporting their community, or protecting the environment, they've all had a growth mindset.

Scholarships open to all, regardless of your age or goal

As para-cyclist Byron Raubenheimer says, "To be a champion, your will to win just has to outweigh your will to sit on the couch."

Over the past 20 years, AMP has provided more than $2 million dollars of financial support, to Kiwis who have the passion and motivation to achieve their dreams.

The AMP Scholarships are open to everyone, regardless of their age or goal. While many recipients use their scholarships to travel overseas, others have goals closer to home.

Scott Sambell developed a wifi-driven predator alert system to protect wildlife on Great Barrier Island. Jasmine Jenke developed Humans of South Auckland, a social media movement and now book, that brings hope and pride to her community.

"You don't have to go overseas to make a difference, you just do it in your own backyard," she says.

World Taekwondo Champion with big goals

Frances Lloyd started Taekwondo at the age of five, and it took 10 years of hard work, discipline and practise to achieve her World Junior Taekwondo Champion title. But chasing her dream has been worth the highs and lows. Lloyd says whatever the future holds, her sport has become an integral part of her.

"It's my rock. I'm always going to remember what Taekwondo has taught me."

Watch AMP Scholarship winner and world champion Frances Lloyd

Of course, one of the best things about dreaming big is that dreamers don't have to do it on their own. People who chase their goals are inspiring, and people want to help. Guillemot-Rodgerson, who first dreamed of dancing internationally as a young boy, says he couldn't have come this far without the help of his mum, and the AMP Scholarship that meant years of hard work and dedication could continue.

Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson went to the top with his AMP Scholarship

"Without the AMP Scholarship, it's likely I wouldn't have been able to keep attending Juilliard. Having a New Zealand company supporting me getting to my goal has given me so much energy to keep pursuing it, even through the hard times. The dream doesn't stop here."

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