Get your own better work stories

Get better work stories. This is something we’ve all heard before, but think about it- do you want your days filled with mundane tales about how many times you’ve spun around on your chair, typed numbers into a spreadsheet or what you ate for lunch?

Of course you don’t. There are so many exciting jobs out there just waiting for you to dive into. How about spending your day saving lives, snowboarding down a mountain or bungee jumping from trees? Ah, that sounds more like it.

Adventure Tour Guide

In New Zealand, we are lucky enough to be the home of adventure- and tourists flock to our shores to experience the excitement. Bungee jumping, cliff swings, paragliding… you name it! We have it all.

Imagine spending your day spinning visitors around on a jet boat, standing with them on the edge of a bungee bridge or jumping out of a plane with them. As an adventure tour guide, it’s your job to make sure adrenaline activities are done properly and safely… and this means you’re at the forefront of the action!


Want to travel the world and fly yourself there? Don’t fancy a 9-5 schedule? Being a pilot is a job jam-packed with adventure, and could be the job for you!

With changes in crew, passengers, cargo, destinations and flying conditions, you’ll find each day is different. Great pilots are people who are able to stay calm under pressure, are fantastic communicators and can analyse plans effectively.

Defence Forces

Love being part of team? Like to push yourself to your limits? Joining the Defence Forces opens up a huge variety of jobs on sea, land or the air. Branches you can be part of are the Air Force, Navy (sea) and the Army (land).

If you are passionate about helping people, protecting those who need it and enjoy being challenged, becoming a part of the defence forces could be for you.

Whether you want to be an aeroplane mechanic, chef, carpenter or an officer, the Forces have it all. Individuals who are excellent decision makers, calm under pressure and enjoy being physically fit are well on the way to thriving with a career in the Defence Forces.

You’ll find more information and details on how to join here

Special Effects Makeup Artist

Is all the gore in Game of Thrones really real? No, of course not! Every cut, gash, scooped out eye and bruise you see has been skilfully created by special effect makeup artists who are trained to paint special effects on bodies.

These artists also create incredible body art, masks and prosthetics and are often contracted out to movies or tv shows. Your craft could also come in handy during Halloween… great work stories and the best costume? Sign me up!


Fancy yourself a bit of a monkey? Being an arborist could be the job for you! This job involves the safe removal of trees, as well as overseeing planting them.

It might sound a little boring, but imagine being suspended from the top of a 3 storey pine tree, carefully guiding the removal of branches, and operating a chainsaw all while your feet dangle in the air! If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, I don’t know what will!

There you have it. These are only a few of the many exciting jobs your future has to offer. Better work stories have already begun!

 By Pritha