Free fees and now free accommodation

 Accommodation is the single biggest cost of going to study or train away from home. SIT want to make that free for you too.


The Southland Institute of Technology (SIT) has been ahead of the game for a while now. Long before the current government gave school leavers a fees free year, SIT had been making most of their courses fees free for their thousands of students.

School leavers could study, train and qualify at SIT for a fraction of the costs faced everywhere else around the country.

Check how much three years of free fees can save you

Time to innovate again

Now the rest of the tertiary institutions have been able to match their fees offer, even if only for one year, SIT have found a new way to attract potential students, free accommodation.

From the start of this year SIT has offered accommodation bursaries for students eligible for the government’s Fees Free policy like school leavers. They offer free shared accommodation at SIT’s apartments in Invercargill for the 40 weeks students are there.

If that’s not suitable, students at the Invercargill campus can get $100/week towards their accommodation whether they live at home or in a flat for the same 40 weeks. You can live anywhere in Southland but must be studying in Invercargill.

This initiative for students is called the Mayor Tim Shadbolt Accommodation Bursaries for Invercargill. Mayor Tim is verging on legend status. Google him. Here he is talking up the accommodation bursaries.

Here’s some more details on how to apply for Mayor Tim Shadbolt Accommodation Bursaries for Invercargill.



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