Got A Trade? Got It Made! Week is aimed at you

Want a career that pays really well and where you can quickly become your own boss? The 4th running of Got A Trade? Got It Made! week is definitely for you.

Got A Trade? Got It Made! is a national campaign run by 9 of the country’s Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) to raise awareness of apprenticeships, on-the-job training and careers in New Zealand trades and services.

The campaign combines media with localised events which students can attend to learn more about the thousands of jobs available right now in these fields below. Click to look at any you're interested in:

Not sure what you are interested in? This tool might help.

Got A Trade SpeedMeets

Want to know more about getting into a trade? Check out if you can get to one of the Got A Trade SpeedMeets that are being held around the country in September.

At these events, local employers and training organisations can meet with students interested in investigating a career in a trade. Check with your careers adviser.

Got A Trade? Got It Made! Events and SpeedMeets

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Six reasons you should think seriously about a trade:

1. NZ needs tradies, and will for some time to come

  • The NZ construction industry is booming and they will need about 30,000 qualified people in the next five years to meet demand.
  • Less than 1500 school-leavers move into an apprenticeship with BCITO (construction sector ITO) each year. 

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2. You can earn a truck-load of money

 3. You’ll earn money from the start

  • You get paid from the start of your training, earning while learning valuable skills and getting your life underway.

  • You’ll also end up with no student debt.

4. You gain a global opportunity and head start

  • Just about every country in the world wants people with trade skills. You can travel and work and earn well while you do it.

  • You can move and work all over the country too – NZ is short of trades folk everywhere.

 5. It’s easy to get started

  • All the Industry Training Organisations and other trade training organisations can help you into an apprenticeship or trade so check their websites.

  • Many will already have a relationship with your school, so your careers advisers can help there.

  • Maori or Pasifika background? This crew are working for you.

  • And now two years of free fees means you’re even better off.

6. It’s fun as well as rewarding

  • The tradie work culture is always a good time, lots of banter, mateship and teamwork.

  • There’s little room on site for pretenders, but generally room for your four-legged pal.

  • And while some trades can be hard on the bod, most are better for you than sitting at a desk all day.

  • The feeling of seeing a job planned, completed and working can be a real reward in itself.