Yes, you can become a rocket scientist

Kiwi students can now apply for internships with the US space agency NASA, giving students the chance to work in NASA's best and most advanced research facilities, with access to expert mentors.

The programme will allow high-achieving students to get a head start in space-related careers as well as raising NZ’s profile as a location for space activities.

NASA internships are around 16 weeks long, and each intern is assigned a technical expert as a mentor. Research projects cover a range of areas and all have applications on earth as well as in space.

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Here's how you can get on board 

Getting to NASA will require a couple of things:

  • Good grades in core STEM subjects at university (with a big focus on physics and mathematics). You will need a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • A reasonable lump of money to travel and live in the US for the internship. Thankfully the government, through MBIE, will offer up to 4 New Zealand Space Scholarships each year to help.

In addition to great grades, potential applicants should think about how their skills may eventually be applied to the space industry, including areas like Earth observation, data science, astrobiology and robotics.

Candidates from just 13 other countries are considered for the programme 

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The New Zealand Space Agency will accept applications from mid-September, and hopes to provide NASA with student nominations for the June 2019 internship session.

Terms for the NASA Internships 

Learn more by checking out this NASA video on internships