Start taming the exam season crazy now

End of year exams are heading our way. Three or four weeks of pure crazy, with lots riding on them. SchoolLeaver wants to help you get the crazy under control.

For some of us these exams will be vital. Maybe they will decide whether you can actually go to university next year, whether you get into that training course, or even whether you may need change plan and direction in a major way.

Studying for and sitting exams is hard work. Nobody loves exams, but if you can get organised, and you’re prepared to put the time into getting ready for exams, you will give yourself the best shot possible of taming the crazy month ahead.

Here are some thoughts from SchoolLeaver to help you get through this


1. Getting started is often the hardest part.

  • Make sure you have the stuff you need to revise or study before you start. Don’t waste good study time looking for your notes

2. Sort yourself a quiet space to study in.

  • Make sure you are comfortable, have good light and you can keep the distractions to a minimum
  • Eat some food to give you energy but avoid excess sugar that will make you hyper and will make it more difficult to study
  • Turn off your social notifications.
  • Take at least one five minute break an hour so that you can gather your thoughts and let your brain relax.

3. Work out what you do know and what you don’t. Study the stuff you don’t know.

  • Use past exam papers or study with a friend to show you what areas you need to work on.

             Here are some past exam papers and good answers

  • Focus on the main ideas, learn key formulas, use chapter summaries (or make your own). Come back to the details if you see that you have time after you have cracked the key points.

4. Start your study with the most important stuff you will need to know.

  • Finish with it too as you will be more likely to remember this.
  • Review your notes and study cards – repetition helps you remember stuff.

5. Know your exam timetable and what sort of exams you will be doing – are they essay-based exams, multiple-choice questions etc. This is totally your responsibility.

Right now you have lots of time to get on top of things, but start your study/revision programme now or it can quickly get too late and become daunting.