Getting your driving licence - here's what you need to do

Getting a driving license is an important part of your journey from a teenager to a young adult. By Renee

It can be really helpful for many jobs, and a licence to drive opens up many personal adventures of your own.

However, getting your license and driving requires responsibility, commitment, and costs! Here’s how to go about getting your license to make it as stress-free as possible.

Step 1 - Learners License

To get your learners license, you’ll have to answer at least 32/35 multi-choice questions correctly on the learners theory test.

When it came to getting my learners license, I downloaded the free AA Road Code Quiz app on my phone to practice questions in my free time. I also used the fun, interactive website Drive to help test my road code knowledge. You could also buy a copy of the NZ road code to study or read it online here.

Once you’re happy with the amount of questions you get correct, you can book online to sit your learners theory test! Also, you must be 16 or older to start the process.

Step 2 - Restricted License

Congratulations! Once you get your learners, you can now finally start driving with a supervisor!

Who can be a supervisor

Your next goal will be the restricted driving test which you can do in 6 months. Some key things you will be tested on for your restricted test are parallel parking, switching lanes correctly, and three point turns.

To find out exactly what’s going to happen in the test, check out this guide.

I had an AA driving instructor teach me the skills I needed and tell me what I could improve on and to help me gain more confidence on the road. If any of your family members use AA insurance, you can also get 3 free driving lessons with AA! Any professional driving instruction will be a worthwhile investment and don’t forget that your parents or older siblings can help you learn to drive as well.

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Step 3 - Full License

So, now that you’ve got your restricted, you’ve got the freedom of driving around by yourself! However, to be able to drive your mates around town you’re going to need to get your full license.

For the full licence test, you will once again be tested on your driving skills such as using roundabouts but this time you’ll be tested for hazard identification. This means you’ll have to verbally identify any hazards you notice while driving and what you’re going to do about them. An example: if you see a pedestrian you would say that they are a hazard and you will slow down to prepare to stop and let them cross safely.

So, make sure to practice identifying hazards when driving, and have your parents or driving instructor give you some feedback. Also, be sure to check out this guide for everything that will happen in your test!

Get your full licence 6 months earlier

Did you know that you can get your full license 6 months earlier if you do a defensive driving course? This 4 session course run by AA teaches you how to identify and avoid hazards, and how to be a safer driver on the road. Friends who have done this course say it was worthwhile and even helped them feel more confident for their full license test.

After getting your license, your next step will probably be getting your first car if you don’t have one already! Check out this article for some helpful advice!