Exam study tips and sites to help you

Exams are close. Really close. Time to reach for those last minute study and cramming plans if you are going to get the grades you want (or maybe need).

There’s lots of ground to cover and time’s galloping away on us. There’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll need to do some decent mahi to get the best results.

Here’s some resources that might be helpful as those NCEA (or other) exams head your way.

  1. Studyit – NZ site with plenty of tips for getting ready for and sitting exams. One of the best NCEA exam sites to get into and to explore.
  1. Revision Basics - English site with some great info and really useful short videos designed to improve your memory, stop you from overloading and to help you beat exam stress and become exam-ready.
  1. StudyTime – Smart NZ site with lots of advice and study/exam tips to help you. Check out their Study Planner and their Subject Audit form that helps you work out where you may need to focus your study effort.
  1. Learn Coach – another NZ site which like most of them really wants to get into your or your parents’ pocket, but does have some useful downloads, subject summaries and past exam papers.
  1. Study Skills – large US site with some useful info, tips and advice for handling exams in their menu under Studying.
  1. NZQA website – lots of subject resources with past exam papers and great examples of good answers, plus a look at what examiners are wanting from you.
  1. Watching someone else studying. Yes, studytube is a thing. There are numerous websites you can hook into to watch someone else studying.
  • Parallel study fans say it’s like they have a study buddy and so don’t feel so isolated, or they feel like they are studying in an old fashioned library.
  • Here’s a session with background music included, or a shorter 25 minute session (from a guy with a million YouTube subscribers)
  • Remember you’re not learning anything, but you may put yourself in the right frame of mind to learn.

Whatever study path and techniques you use, studying for your end of year exams then smashing them is the best way to end your year on a good note. You owe it to yourself. Go for it.