Don’t miss your Student Loan application date

You have heaps to sort before you start studying next year. Make your Student Loan application the top of your list. Use SchoolLeaver's guide to help.

You need to apply for your 2019 Student Allowance or Student Loan and send your documents to StudyLink by 16 December. If you are late, they can still go in however you might not have these in place by the time you start study next year.

Even with first year fees now free for first time students, study and training can cost a fair bit. That’s why Student Loans and Student Allowances are there, to help you get by.

There's some admin required

There’s a bit of admin needed to set your Student Loans and Allowances up. You may need to sort out a RealMe identity, plus provide some details to StudyLink.

To help you with getting on top of your free fees, student loans and allowances, download SchoolLeaver’s free Guide to Student Allowances and Student Loans. The guide sets out what you need to do and how to get it done.

Click here to download the free e-book now

SchoolLeaver’s free e-book will help you:

  • Understand what student loans and allowances are

  • Apply for your funds from StudyLink using RealMe

  • Work out how much you may be eligible to get

  • Manage your loan and debt with some smart advice and tips