Turning your holiday gig into a permanent job

Summer jobs are a great way to get some money together, but they can also be a foot in the door to permanent, full-time employment.

Even if you’re only hired for a short time like the summer holidays, if you perform well and impress your managers and workmates, you can seriously increase your chances of getting hired for a permanent role down the line.

Most summer jobs are there to help with busy times or to allow permanent staff to take a break. But they can also become a chance for a business to look at possible new employees too. While you might have just a small window to impress the boss, treat it like a full time gig and bring your A-game in every day.

You might be surprised to see where it leads.

Here are Schoolleaver’s 7 top tips to help convert your holiday gig into real life work:

    1. Find out if the business is taking on new staff

      • If you’re maybe looking for permanent work, tell your boss you could be keen. Ask if there might be other jobs besides the one you’re doing.
    2. Take the chance to check out the company and the job

      • You should check if you actually like the work you’re doing or the company you’re working for. It’s a two-way street – they check you out as an employee, so you need to check if working for and with them is good for you.
      • Still need to give it 110%
    3. Have a good attitude

      • Attitude is everything. Smile and be helpful.
      • Set yourself apart by showing up each day ready to work with a positive attitude.  
    4. Exceed expectations

      • Give your job 110% of your effort. You will seriously increase your chances of being noticed in a good way.
      • Ask questions if you’re unsure; shows you’re proactive and that you want to do the job right.
      • Ask for feedback. Employers like to have staff who can take and learn from feeedback.
      • Show attention to detail. Put that phone away.
      • Be flexible. It’s a crazy time of year so the more flexible you are, the better impression you make. Don’t ask for time off the week you start.
    5. Build relationships

      • Be friendly and positive, and make an effort to get to know the people around you. Be someone they recall well.
      • Many hiring decisions are made on how someone interacts with potential coworkers. Rub them the wrong way and you’re chances get really small.
    6. Show up early, and stay until you’re done

      • When you arrive say ‘hi’ to your team, and check them again when you leave. Little things like greetings go a long way.
      • Showing up early, and being ready to work is absolutely the start point in every job.
      • Dress the part – and even take a lead from what you see the permanent staff wearing.
      • Be reliable – if they know you are capable and willing, you will get more work and make a really good impression.
      • Be enthusiastic and up. No one likes working with a moaner or complainer.
    7. Treat the temp gig as a permanent job

      • If you treat the job as a permanent one, your employer will be able to envision you as a full-time worker.
      • Same applies in reverse – too casual, short future.

Remember, your temp gig still has the potential to land you a permanent job—it just may be with a different employer. Meanwhile you’ve got experience, new skills, references, maybe some future contacts and a wedge of money for next year.