Top 10 most popular careers in 2018


The most searched for career in New Zealand last year was police officer, according to search data on the Careers NZ website.

Does this mean that huge numbers of people want to join the police force, or is information on joining the force just super hard to come by. Neither, says Careers NZ.

"Searches for information on jobs like teachers, nurses, GPs and police officers show that people aspire to careers where they can make a difference," said Tim Fowler, Chief Executive of the Tertiary Education Commission.

And yes, joining the police force from school is really hard as life experience is valued more than most traits. This may be changing with the start of some colleges in the Kapiti-Mana region offering an Introduction to Police Studies course for their Y13 students. This follows a positive trial of the course in two Rotorua high schools last year.

Job trends evident from 2018

  • Unemployment at 3.9% is at its lowest level in over 10 years NZ (Stats NZ)
  • This means we have a strong job market with more school leavers going straight into work rather than into tertiary education
  • This is a big factor in the poor financial performance of a number of tertiary institutions, some of which are reducing services and the range of courses offered.

Top 10 jobs most searched for in 2018 (Careers NZ)

  1. Police Officer
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Psychologist
  4. Secondary School Teacher
  5. Accountant
  6. Pilot
  7. Primary School Teacher
  8. Surgeon
  9. General Practitioner
  10. Veterinarian


SchoolLeaver- Feb, 2019