NZ is World's Top Study Abroad Country

We all know New Zealand is popular with international students, but did you know it was the number #1 study abroad destination in the world?

Yep, number one.

That’s the result from a survey of 20,000 students from 61 countries conducted by Sweden-based, an information business based on students studying abroad.

They asked 20,000 students how they decided to study abroad and what factors mattered to them in making the call.

Here’s what the students wanted and what they ranked countries on:

  1. To experience a new culture
  2. To achieve career goals
  3. To have an adventure
  4. To make new friends/widen professional network
  5. To access higher quality teaching
  6. To study for free
  7. To attain a visa

If you have ever wondered why New Zealand is so popular with international students, these factors maybe hold all the answers.

In recent years close to 50,000 international students have chosen to study here. They pay large fees to study here and the millions they bring in helps keep fees down for locals.

So why did NZ come out tops?

  • Environment: for billions of people, NZ’s stunning natural splendour, abundance of adrenaline-filled extreme sports and scenic trails made famous by the Lord of the Rings trilogy is really, really attractive.
  • Safety: globally we look like (and are) a pretty safe country.
  • With all our eight universities in the top 3% in the world, New Zealand offers first-class education opportunities as well as adventure.

Who did NZ beat?

Most of the students who took the survey were from Europe or Asia and so this likely accounts for some slant in the results. Not every international student is aiming for Harvard or Oxford. Here’s where international students are looking for a great education as well as a great time.

10        Australia

9          France

8          Switzerland

7          Netherlands

6          Costa Rica (who knew?)

5          Mexico

4          Canada

3          Thailand (ranked top in Asia)

2          Spain (ranked top in Europe)

1          New Zealand          



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SchoolLeaver, Feb 2019