Are you in one of NZ’s biggest high schools?

Are you in one of NZ’s biggest high schools?

Ever wondered how your school lines up against the other 400 plus secondary schools in the country? Each and every school is different, making direct comparisons hard if not impossible. What can be identified relatively easily though is the size of these schools, and when it comes to size, Rangitoto College on Auckland’s North Shore is the daddy of them all.

Rangitoto College has a roll of close to 3200 Year 9-13 students, making it the largest secondary school in the country. More than 60 nationalities are represented at Rangitoto, reflecting the growing ethnic diversity of New Zealand’s largest city.

The country’s biggest school will turn 60 this year and has come a long way from the 180 Year 9 and 10 pupils who started in 1956. Today the original 13 teachers at Rangitoto have swelled to a teaching staff of almost 190 with an additional 85 support staff.

Auckland also has the second and third largest secondary schools in the country, Mt Albert Grammar having just over 2700 students while Avondale College has just under the same number*.

Burnside High is the South Island’s largest secondary school with approx 2600 students, the fourth highest roll in the country.

With just over 2500 boys attending, Auckland Grammar School is the country’s biggest single-sex college ahead of Westlake Boys High school. Just along the road, Epsom Girls Grammar School is the largest girls-only college with around 2200 pupils. Again, EGGS is just a class or so ahead of Westlake Girls HS in terms of numbers.

Other high schools with massive rolls include Macleans College (Howick) with 2510 students followed by Westlake Boys HS and Hamilton Boys HS, each with around 2300 students. Mt Roskill Grammar has more than 2100 pupils at the co-ed school while Pakuranga College rounds out the eleven schools with a roll exceeding 2000 secondary pupils.


Secondary School

Y9-13 Roll*

1 Rangitoto College 3200
2 Mt Albert Grammar School 2710
3 Avondale College 2670
4 Burnside High School 2600
5 Macleans College 2510
6 Auckland Grammar School 2510
7 Westlake Boys High School 2300
8 Hamilton Boys High School 2290
9 Epsom Girls Grammar School 2200
10 Westlake Girls High School 2176
11 Mt Roskill Grammar 2122
12 Pakuranga College 2115


*School numbers obtained from the Ministry of Education Education Counts website, ERO Teports and individual school websites. There may be some variance with final 2016 school numbers.