Waikato's new campus - in Tauranga

Stay home and study, or move to one of the hottest places in NZ for university. From the start of this year, more students will be able to study more subjects and complete more qualifications at the University of Waikato - in Tauranga.

Sounds odd but the Hamilton-based University has had a presence in Tauranga for almost a quarter of a century, and now takes it up a level with the opening of a brand new campus in downtown Tauranga.

More than 950 students have enrolled at the Tauranga campus, the new $55 million facility and expanded range of courses accounting for a 30+% jump from last year. This number is hoped to double in the next 5 years.

See the range of courses and qualifications you can study for at Waikato’s Tauranga Campus

The most popular areas of study for students so far were degrees in teaching, business, social sciences, science and social work.

See the full range of subjects you can study at Waikato’s Tauranga Campus

What's it got?

The campus was designed by architectural company Jasmax who linked two buildings with a central atrium. The campus has collaborative areas, customisable teaching spaces, a 200-seat lecture theatre, multi-function space, 24-hour computer lab, cafe, commercial kitchen and noho centre with sleeping facilities.

The campus will also continue hosting research stations and centres of excellence including the Coastal Marine Field Station and the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance, a gym and research space.

Accommodation possibly tight, but university apartments may help

The new campus makes most sense for students already living in or around New Zealand’s 5th largest city, but the university has also leased two apartment blocks to help house the expected students from other regions.

The apartments will accommodate 55 students for the next two years. The University is also providing one, $8000 accommodation scholarship at Mayfair Court. Flatting and homestays make up the other accommodation options, but Tauranga is right up there in the expensive cities to rent in right now.

Campus funded with city's future in mind

The new Tauranga Campus development has a number of funders: the Tauranga City Council gifted land worth around $5 million the Bay of Plenty Regional Council gave $15m and the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust contributed the same. The University funded the remaining $25m.

Their investment is soundly based, for more than the dollars alone. The campus is set to generate millions of dollars in benefits over the next 20 years, but more importantly, will help the region grow and prosper through students staying in the area or moving in to study.

The regional business community would benefit from the flow of graduates familiar with the area, linked to it and qualified with local employment requirements in mind.

Find out more:

In June and July the University of Waikato will hold a number of info sessions about the new Tauranga Campus.

In Tauranga: University of Waikato in Tauranga, 142 Durham Street

Tuesday 11 June, 11am - 4pm

Tuesday 18 June, 11am - 4pm

Tuesday 25 June, 11am - 4pm

Tuesday 2 July, 11am - 4pm

In Auckland Ground Floor, 1a 21 Putney Way, Manukau

Tuesday 18 June, 11am - 4pm

Tuesday 25 June, 11am – 4pm

Tuesday 2 July 11am – 4pm