What sectors are growing and where the jobs?

A life of work faces all of us when we leave school, so let’s start thinking about where the jobs might be. A good place to get an idea of what industries are on the rise is on the job listing site SEEK.

Chances are good that most of us will at some stage climb on the SEEK platform and look for opportunities. Right now there are plenty of jobs about – just ask the polytechs who are watching students take up earning rather than learning – and SEEK reckons that across New Zealand job opportunities are up 10.1% from this time last year.

That’s a hot employment market, and this growth is coming mainly from a bunch of New Zealand’s booming industries. Let’s check out what these are.

Trades and Services

These are among the fastest-growing industries with almost 17% more jobs advertised on SEEK this year than last, and these show an average advertised salary of almost $60,000

Automotive Trades feature strongly more cars and they’re getting older), followed by labourers (+2.5%) and roles in the building trades where the BCITO estimate we have a shortage of around 60,000 workers as the country struggles to build enough houses. Electric cars will open even more roles for smart young workers.

Check out SEEK’s data on where what jobs are in trades and services

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

Believe it or not, we don’t import everything from overseas, and as the construction industry booms, so are many manufacturing businesses that supply this sector.

Our population is growing so we are buying, eating, drinking, wearing, driving and building more. All this needs people to make this growth happen, and this means jobs. Actually, over 30% more jobs this year are advertised on SEEK than last year, covering all sorts of roles from entry level to senior management.

Can you believe that we have to bring truck drivers in from overseas right now?

Check out where the growth is coming in manufacturing, transport and logistics.

Community Services & Development

Looking out for others is actually a valid and growing sector of employment and one that can bring job satisfaction that extends beyond a pay cheque each week.

The increasing focus on the welfare of the very young and on the growing number of older people in NZ are contributing to many new jobs being created. If you think we should all live in a more equal and caring society, this could be the sector for you.

There are entry level roles across the sector plus many that you can slot into with some training or study. Being population-based, the biggest chunk of these jobs are in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury.

Find out more about SEEK’s jobs in Community Services and Development


As New Zealand grows, we need to build more roads, generate more power, improve our water systems, design smarter machines and develop the technology that will help us take advantage of and look after our environment better. All this requires engineering skills.

You can study engineering as a discipline at university, or learn the more practical aspects at polytechs and through industry training organisations. You are also able to add different skills as you go along. It’s a wide, growing and rewarding sector of work, and one that can take you anywhere in the world.

There is also an incredibly strong push to get more women into engineering with plenty of programmes and organisations giving opportunities that were just not there in the past.

Here’s where the jobs are happening in Engineering right now

SEEK is a great place to do research on jobs, where they are, what they’re paying and what skills you need to get among them. Being a job posting site, their finger is pretty close to the pulse.