Is Dunedin the study capital of NZ?

If you're wanting to make sure you get the best chance to successfully complete your university degree or Institute of Technology or Polytechnic (ITP) course, head south.

Otago Polytechnic has recently been named the country’s best performing ITP when it comes to completing both courses and overall qualifications. These results are based on 2015 results, and in the same year the University of Otago topped the university rankings in the same two categories.

The ITP report, released by The Tertiary Education Commission, compares 18 of New Zealand’s Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics for 2015. It found that Otago Polytechnic has a 90% rate of students successfully completing qualifications and an 84% success rate on completing courses.

The next most successful ITPs for course completion are Wellington’s Whitireia Community Polytechnic and Ara Institute of Canterbury (formerly CPIT) with 84% each. Whitireia, with almost 8000 students across campuses in Wellington, Porirua, Kāpiti and Auckland, also boasted an impressive 87% rate of successful qualification completions in 2015.

In total there were 117,435 Institute of Technology or Polytechnic students enrolled part or full-time across New Zealand in 2015. Among the country’s almost 150,000 university students in 2015, Dunedin again proved the most productive spot to study.

Otago University just headed off Auckland and Victoria in terms of successful course completion, 89% versus 88% for the other two. In terms of completing qualifications, Otago’s 85% stood out above Lincoln, Auckland and Victoria who each had an 80% qualification completion rate.

One other measure that the TEC’s figures report is the percentage of students who progress on to higher levels of study after completing a qualification at Levels 1-4. This measures an ITP’s ability to engage students and to make their study increasingly relevant to their futures. The average level for this measure at ITPs in 2015 was around 33%, reflecting the specific vocational focus of many courses. Hamilton’s Wintec had almost 50% of enrolled students progress to higher levels of study, the best in the country.

If you are still tossing up which institution you may sign on with next year, maybe taking a look at the various tables and reports the TEC has produced could help. If the place you have your heart set on is performing well above or even well below it’s peers, maybe you need to consider that information as well.

On this link you can see the performance of each NZ university or Institute of Technology or Polytechnic. Select the institution you're interested in, and set the year to 2015.