Top scholarship winners in 2016 are recognised

Each year NZ’s top students are hosted at a parliamentary function where their efforts are celebrated and the top scholar from all high schools is recognised with the Prime Minister’s Award for Academic Excellence. The event acknowledges the highest achievers across the country in the 2016 New Zealand Scholarship examinations.

Premier Award winners are our elite scholars

Top of the heap each year are the 5-10 New Zealand Scholarship Premier Award winners, students who have achieved at least three Scholarships at “Outstanding” level in the same year. In 2016 there were 10 such scholars recognised through the country, a number of whom gained 5 such Outstanding Scholarships with one student gathering 6.

See the 10 Premier Award winners for 2016

Premier Award winning students receive $10,000 each year for up to 3 years of tertiary study.

So, what do Premier Award winning scholars do when they leave school? This report in the New Zealand Herald shows they can carry on to study at some of the world’s top institutions, with 5 of the 9 winners in 2015 studying overseas.  

2016 Outstanding Scholar winners

In 2016 there were 50 students recognised as New Zealand Scholarship Outstanding Scholar Award winners, these students needing to achieve 3 Scholarships including at least two at “Outstanding” level in the same year, or more than three Scholarships including at least one at “Outstanding” level in the same year.

Leading the way among the colleges around the country was Westlake Boys High School, claiming 8 of the 50 Outstanding Scholar winners from last year. Winners of these Outstanding Scholar awards can receive $5,000 each year for up to 3 years of tertiary study.

See the 50 Outstanding Scholar winners for 2016

The winner of the Prime Minister's Award for Academic Excellence will be named from the 2016 Premier Award winners at a function in Wellington in May.  



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