Old style barbering making new wave comeback

Haircuts. Not too long ago these were resisted with all the strength men and boys could muster. Today this has all changed and barber shops are among the coolest places in town.

Guys of all ages, all over the world, are realising there’s simply no substitute for a great cut from a great barber. Add a hot towel treatment followed by the closest shave of their lives, some male-focussed conversation, and a cool, relaxing atmosphere, and blokes are flocking to barber shops faster than their hair can grow.

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Once lifeless in-and-out spaces, today’s barbershops are closer to a gentlemen’s oasis, featuring big screens, music, quality fittings and walls covered with pictures or artifacts that reflect maleness. Hair styles are still inspired by our entertainment and sporting heroes, just today it’s more likely that we want what Ardie Savea or Justin Bieber are rocking, and we’ll ask directly for the style and cut we want. And those beards........they aren't gojng to keep themselves looking sharp and on point.

Turning the barber shop into a modern man cave

Exploring a Career in Barbering

Barbering may be the ideal career for someone who is interested in a profession in the personal care service industry and who has a knack for masculine style. It is a career that can be done anywhere in the world and which can quite quickly lead to you running your own business.

If you’re considering a career in hair, a trip (or three) to the barber is most definitely in order. Taking in the atmosphere, the clientele, and the work of the barber is one of the best ways to become familiar with how a barber’s day is spent.

Most barbers begin their careers by working as an employee for an established barber shop. While pay arrangements may differ from one barbershop to the next, many barbers new to the profession begin on a commission program until they build up a clientele.

Here are some of the skills you need to succeed

Creativity. Barbers and hairdressers must keep up with the latest trends and be ready to try new hairstyles for their clients.

Customer-service skills. Good barbers are pleasant, friendly, and able to interact with customers in order to retain clients.

Listening skills. Barbers and hairdressers should be good listeners. The job starts with listening carefully to what the client wants, plus there is plenty of socialising to be done on the job.

Physical stamina. You must be able to stand on your feet for long periods.

Tidiness. Smart barbers keep a neat personal appearance (they are style setters) and keep their work area clean and sanitary. This makes clients comfortable and keeps them safe.

Time-management skills. Appointments are often scheduled and increasingly clients are wanting services at times to suit them which may not be standard 9-5 hours.


Getting there

To become a barber you need to complete an apprenticeship and gain a New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering (Level 4).


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 Here are the places you can train as a barber and courses you can take