New Trades Campus could be the start you need

Living around Auckland and looking for a pathway into the booming construction industry and related trades? Aspire2 Trades could be a great place to start.

Aspire2 Trades is soon to open a massive purpose-built facility in Wiri where school leavers can train in high demand construction fields like welding, painting, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and even forklift operations.

The new trades campus will train around 500 students each year but even more importantly, will help all of these trainees to find work once their course is completed.

“Our main purpose is to get jobs for our graduates,”says Aspire2 Trades head Nick Yerni. “Construction, associated businesses, distribution and engineering are booming in South Auckland and the employment opportunities out here are significant.”

Careers in the trades have a huge future

Right now the country has a record number of apprentices (43,000) and the Ministry for Business,Innovation and Employment estimates that another 50,000 workers will be needed in construction related industries in the next five years.

Aspire2 Trades will take school leavers 16 years and older, girls as well as guys, and help them gain the skills they need to successfully move into the workforce.

“We will take learners with no previous construction sector experience and in 20 weeks will equip them with the hands-on training and skills they need to help secure an entry level job in the industry or gain an apprenticeship,” Nick Yerni states.

And that help extends beyond the coursework. Aspire2 helps trainees to develop interview skills, to prepare their CV and even to get that driver’s licence if that’s what is needed for the job. Student loans and allowances are available to cover the course costs for eligible students, and the Aspire2 team can help with these too.

The Aspire2 Group combines 12 private training establishments to offer education and training to both domestic and international students. Their goal is to provide employers with work-ready tradespeople and potential apprentices in a fast changing environment.

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