Occupation Outlook – what the future of some jobs looks like

What jobs are out there?

What skills or training do I need to become a graphic designer, a builder, scientist, accountant, travel agent, dentist or hairdresser? Can I work as a cadet and study at the same time? I want to train as a nurse but will I get a job when I’m finished?

There have always been more questions about what pathways to take after leaving school than there have been answers. This is even truer today with new jobs and opportunities being created and other traditional roles lost through advances in technology.

So, where can we find the answers we seek?

One really good place to start is the Occupation Outlook app, created by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Occupation Outlook is a comprehensive source of current and relevant labour market information providing an accurate and up to date picture for job seekers and students.

Info on 60 popular occupations

  • Occupation Outlook presents education, employment and income information on 60 occupations in New Zealand to give job seekers and students a clearer picture of possible career paths.
    • These 60 occupations were chosen for their size, popularity, and potential for future growth, and they are grouped under the industries used in the Vocational Pathways programme.
  • Occupation Outlook brings together information on the industry sector, career prospects, numbers qualifying or taking up the job each year, predicted future demand for the job and the average salary that particular job may pay.
  • If the role requires further study or training, Occupation Outlook presents study options, potential fees and details of where and for how long this study or training can take place.

How do you get it?

  • The free Occupation Outlook app for Apple and Android mobile phones is available from iTunes
  • Individual PDFs of each occupation can be downloaded from the Occupation Outlook webpage



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