Pathways you can start looking at

To help make this first choice, you need all the information you can get. Here are a number of paths you can look into: 

Web-based research 

Explore the massive range of jobs that are available. The most commonly promoted careers are not the only ones out there!   

  • Look at the really good Just the Job videos made about folk just like you getting started after leaving school. 

  • Use the web to look at companies that you may want to work for. Many companies actually post job vacancies on their websites. 

  • Look at Career Quest on the Careers New Zealand website. CareerQuest is a great tool that recommends jobs based on your actual interests. It analyses your interest in different types of work, and matches these interests to more than 400 job outlines on the Careers New Zealand website. 

  • A similar site to look at is Careers New Zealand’s Skill Matcher which helps to generate job ideas based on the skills you enjoy using or are interested in learning. It shows how your skills could apply to many occupations within New Zealand, and provides you with tips on what steps to take next. 

  • Look at the Occupation Outlook website or even download the app. Occupation Outlook presents education, employment and income information on 50 occupations in New Zealand to give job seekers and students a clearer picture of possible career paths. The 50 occupations were chosen for their size, popularity, and potential for future growth.

People-based research 

Sometimes the answers are just a question away. Don't be afraid to ask.    

  • Careers teachers at your school are incredibly useful and you should make the most of them. They have huge amounts of information and tertiary and local employer contacts and they really do want the best result for you. Where possible, make a booking to see your careers advisor one-on-one – you’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make.  
  • Careers experts outside of school. These are trained career professionals who will talk and test you, discuss options, what you like, what you feel you can do.  While you need to pay for these services, they can be really worthwhile helping you identify what step to take. Take a look at Careerdreams to see what sort of services are available from a professional career expert business.  
  • Talk to people you know – speak to adults around you and ask them about their careers. Do they enjoy their job? If not, why not? Is there something else they would prefer to do?  Also, these people can give you an opinion on your plans or thoughts. Do they make sense? Are they achievable? Use the people you know as a sounding board.  

Find out more about your choices once you leave school