Here’s what you CAN’T do  

You can do anything you like with your career we are told. That’s true, however there are a few age-based restrictions that you need to be aware of as you head into the world or work, both full or part-time. 

  • If you are under 15 and looking for part-time or holiday work, you can’t  be employed to do any work that is likely to harm you. This means using machines, driving or riding tractors or forklifts or lifting heavy loads.  Young employees cannot work on-site in logging, manufacturing or construction.  Also, if you are under 15, you can’t be employed in a factory or other place where things are being prepared or made for sale.
  • If you are under 16 you are legally required to still attend school so you can not be employed within school hours or if the employment interferes with your attendance at school. Also, being under 16 means you can’t work at night (10pm-6am). 
  • Folk under the age of 18 cannot be employed to serve alcohol in a bar, but can clear glasses, prepare or serve food, stock up the bar etc. Under 18-year-olds also can’t work in a bar or other venue that has gaming machines. Clearly you just can’t be trusted around these. 
  • You need to be 20 or older to do any gambling related work like working as a croupier or dealer in a casino. Similarly you can’t have any role repairing and maintaining gambling equipment at a casino until you are 20 or over


So, apart from the above, you actually can do anything. Go for it. 

Find out more about your choices once you leave school