A huge range of study options open up when you leave school

Tertiary study is any form of learning or courses you do after you have finished or left high school (secondary education). It may be study or training at a tertiary education organisation like a university or polytechnic, or it could be formal training in the workplace. 

Tertiary courses range from transition programmes (school to work), practical and academic courses, through to postgraduate study and research. There are also many specific trade, technical and business qualifications you can get through a combination of working and learning.  Industry Training Organisations lead the way in providing these.

In New Zealand there are lots of different ways to learn and places to study at tertiary level. There are eight universities, 18 polytechnics and institutes of technology, three wananga, over 500 private training establishments (PTEs) and a dozen or so Industry Training Organisations (ITOs).

Most courses need to be applied for and you will need to be accepted into them. To do workplace training or an apprenticeship, you’ll need to secure a job first and then apply.


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NZ's 8 Universities

Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology

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