Academy New Zealand

Academy New Zealand is focused on helping foundation learners to step into a work role or on to further education opportunities. If it is looking like you are going to leave school without the NCEA credits you may need, maybe Academy New Zealand can help you get underway.


The Academy has two industry specialist schools, the School of Pharmacy and School of Floristry. These offer specialised vocational industry or technical training (up to level 5 on the NZQF). The School of Pharmacy offers the Pharmacy Technician programme at both its North Shore and Christchurch campuses, a year-and-a-half course qualifying you to work in a pharmacy. The School of Floristry offers the one-year long Certificate in Floristry (level 3) from the Academy’s Mt Wellington and Christchurch campuses.

Foundation training is offered in hospitality, cookery, Retail (incl beauty salon assistant courses), sport, travel and tourism and in the service sector. These are starter or foundation programmes designed as stepping stones for you. These courses are generally free to take.

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