NZ Welding School

The NZ Welding School is the country’s home of welding training. They provide well-trained graduates for this important and growing trade, and it should be noted that welders in NZ earn an above-average salary.


The welding school is now part of the Aspire2 education group which has a dozen PTEs under its umbrella. Welding campuses are based in both Rotorua and Auckland, and courses are offered at levels 2-4 with very regular intakes meaning that you can start almost when you want.

NZ Welding School’s Youth Guarantee programme is free to study if you’re 16-19, meaning that this can be a great chance to get a head start on your career by beginning it with no debt. Also, all safety equipment and gear is provided for you so when you start, there are no hidden or unexpected costs coming along.

The welding school makes a point of emphasising practical, hands-on learning to give their students maximum industry relevance when they graduate. And once you graduate, you could be on your way to a range of career opportunities, aprenticeships and eventually to the likes of boat building or even maintaining an offshore oil rig.

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